Escrow Flow Chart

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The Escrow Process – Step by Step

Like any complex process, all the functions of an Escrow take place one step at a time. The following chart diagrams this sequence in relative order.

Receive, review Earnest Money Agreement and Broker’s Instructions
Open Escrow, Order Title Report
Assumption/Contract Determine Financing New Loan
Order Assumption Papers
Obtain Names of Attorneys
Prepare, Review Contract
Obtain Names of
Lender, Loan Officer
Send Title Report
to Attorneys
Receive Title Report
Send Copies as Requested
Send Title Report
to Lender
Receive Assumption appers, review your terms of transfer, payment status Resolve any Title issues,
order payoff demands
Loan Approval
(Are repairs complete?)

Guardian Northwest Title & Escrow Company is entirely qualified to initiate and follow each step of this process with vigilance. Call us today for all your Escrow needs.