Escrow Rates

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Skagit & Island County Escrow Rate Schedule

(EFFECTIVE December 1, 2017)

Up to and including 60,000$625.00$54.38$679.38$339.69
$60,001 to 120,000$725.00$63.08$788.08$394.04
$120,001 to 180,000$825.00$71.78$896.78$448.39
$180,001 to 240,000$925.00$80.48$1,005.48$502.74
$240,001 to 300,000$1,000.00$87.00$1,087.00$543.50
$300,001 to 350,000$1,075.00$93.53$1,168.53$584.26
$350,001 to 400,000$1,150.00$100.05$1,250.00$665.79
$400,001 to 450,000$1,225.00$106.58$1,331.58$665.79
$450,001 to 500,000$1,300.00$113.10$1,413.10$706.55
$500,001 to 600,000$1,350.00$117.45$1,467.45$733.73
$600,001 to 700,000$1,450.00$126.15$1,576.15$788.08
$700,001 to 800,000$1,550.0$134.85$1,684.85$842.43
$800,001 to 900,000$1,650.00$143.55$1,793.55$896.78
$900,001 to 1,000,000$1,750.00$152.25$1,902.25$951.13
$1,000,001 to 2,000,000$1,850.00$160.95 $2,010.95$1,005.48
$2,000,001 to 3,000,000$2,000.00$174.00$2,174.00$1,087.00
$3,000,001 to 4,000,000$2,150.00$187.05$2,337.05$1,168.53
$4,000,001 to 5,000,000$2,300.00$200.10$2,500.10$1,250.05
$5,000,001 and aboveIn addition to the base rate of $2,450.00, an additional $100 per $1,000,000 will be charged, plus taxes

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Residential Refinance rate:  The charge for escrow services provided relating to the refinance or second deed of trust for a residential property shall be $450 for loans up to $1,000,000.  For loans more than $1,000,000, add $150 for each $500,000 of the loan amount over $1,000,000.

These charges cover document preparation, electronic handling of lender documents, one Overnight delivery fee, typical wiring handling fees, and processing of up to two payoffs.  Fees do not include trustee’s fees, recording fees, sales tax, or outside signing services.

Simultaneous Second Loans:  Simultaneous execution of a secondary loan is $150.00 if a single settlement statement is prepared.  If a second settlement statement is required, the rate shall be $250.00.

Excess disbursements:  Where the transaction involves disbursement of more than 5 checks, a fee of $40.00 will be charged for each 5 checks in excess of the first 5.

Developer Rate:  When the person or entity qualifies for the Subdivision rate under the title insurance underwriter’s Title Insurance Rate Manual, the fee charged for the Seller’s portion of the escrow fee shall be reduced to $250.00.   The escrow fee for the purchaser shall be rated at the standard escrow rate.

Manufactured Home Rate:  In a transaction where the mobile home title is to be eliminated, a $250 title elimination fee will be added to the standard escrow rate.  All governmental charges associated with the title transfer and elimination will also be charged.

Discounts and Exceptions:

All fees are subject to Washington State Sales Tax. 

Please contact Guardian Northwest Title & Escrow Company for a quote on commercial, builder, investor, government agency, non-profit or special project rates.  Contract rates may be negotiated, subject to approval by the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Washington for multiple transactions within a single subdivision.

Guardian Northwest Title & Escrow Company may match any written escrow rate form a competing State of Washington Title or Escrow company.

The rates shown here are the regular, minimum charges. If Guardian Northwest Title & Escrow Company determines that additional work is required, the company may charge additional fees.


  • Electronic handling of lender documents ($25.00 per set),
  • FEDEx/Overnight handling fees ($20.00 per package),
  • Wiring handling fees ($20.00 per wire sent/received),
  • Preparing of additional documents when a conveyance and one carry-back or purchase money acquisition lien,
  • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges, Commercial/Personal Property Sales, Business Opportunities and other specialized or substantially involved transactions.

Please consult with our Escrow Department for a complete breakdown of the Estimated Closing Costs in your transaction.