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Title Insurance Coverage vs. Exclusions & Exceptions

Title insurance provides protection against certain off-record (hidden risk) factors.

For example:

Protection Against Hidden Risk Factors:

Protection Against Hidden Risk Factors:StandardExtended
Fraud, Forgery**
Undisclosed Heirs**
Mistaken Legal Representation**
Defective Deeds**
Confusion of Similiar, Identical Names**
Incomplete, Incorrect Delivery**
Unwanted Litigation**
Status (Marital, Corporate, Financial)**
Powers of Agents**
Errors in Public Records**
Defects in Legal Proceedings**
Competency (Minority, Incapacity)**

Subject to Exclusions and Exceptions, Title Insurance protects against loss by reason of:

Protection Against Loss By:StandardExtended
Title Vested Other Than Stated**
Previous Undisclosed Defect, Lien, Encumbrance**
Unmarketable Title**
Priority of Insured Financing Document (Mortgage, Trust Deed)**
Lack of Access**
Construction Liens*

The following Exclusions may affect your Title Insurance protection:

Exclusions From CoverageStandardExtended
Any Laws, Ordinances or Governmental Regulations Restricting Use**
Rights of Eminent Domain**
Unmarketable Title**
Defects, Liens or Encumbrances Created by Insured, or That the Insured Was Unaware Of**
Usury or Truth-In-Lending Laws**
Rights of Title to Property Beyond the Lands Expressly Described*

The following Exceptions may affect your Title Insurance protection. Our Extended Title Insurance coverage satisfies most of these concerns:

Will These Exceptions Affect Coverage?StandardExtended
Taxes, or Assessments Which Are Not Shown as Existing Liens, or a Notice of Future Proceedings Which May Result in Future Tax or Assessment Liens*
Facts, Rights, Interests or Claims not Shown by Public Records Which Could be Ascertained by an Inspection or by Making an Inquiry of Person in Possession*
Easements, Claims of Easement or Encumbrances, Not Shown in Public Records, Unpatented Mining Claims, Reservations or Exceptions in Patents, Water Rights, or Claims, or Title to Water*
Defects, Liens or Encumbrances Created by the Insured, or That the Insured Was Unaware Of*
A Lien, or a Right to Lien, Imposed by Law, and Not Shown in the Public Record**
Discrepancies, Conflicts in Boundary Lines, Shortage in Area, Encroachments, or Any Other Facts Which a Correct Survey Would Disclose*